the birds ...a bee ...and other critters

Over the last 2 years I have taken quite a fair amount of nature photos; the subjects are mostly birds, flowers, and various woodland critters. Recently I braved 6 bumblebees to get a decent shot of at least one of them. Needless to say I didn't hang around too long, and although I didn't get any great shots of their pollen-covered legs like I initially wanted, I did get  a shot that still feels too close for comfort..
 (click on any pic to enlarge)
*normal Nikon gear, ISO 400 digital / Kodak GC400 film
Kodak CG400,  Circular Filter

Nikon D80, ISO400, A, 1/400 f/5.6
saturation adjusted FastStone

Kodak CG400, no filter, 1x2 aspect crop

Kodak CG400, 300mm, f/5.6

Nikon D80, ISO 400, M, 1/15 f/5.6
dusk -no adjustment made

Nikon D80, ISO 400, A, 1/800 f/8, 300mm
saturation adjusted GIMP

Nikon D80, ISO 400, M, 1/400 f/16
Nikkor AF 28-85mm "Macro" close-up setting

Bunny eating dandelion, Easter Eve, 2011
Nikon D80, ISO 400, S, 1/100 f/9

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