..back again -a closer shot to the little things in life..

Hello, I'm back at it again. There's a huge gap here due to 75hr work weeks the last 2 months, so I haven't gained much progress, except in grand ideas like any photographer does.
The batch I've included this time around is from my last run on close-up photography, mainly focused on the flower garden, using a Vivitar MFTC (macro-focusing-tele-converter) with the Nikkor portrait lens.
(click on any pic to enlarge)
*Nikon D80 + Nikkor AF 28-85mm + Vivitar MFTC,  ISO 400, 1:2 / 1:1 ratio
Morning Glory,  Nikkor AF 28-85mm -'M' setting

Wild Strawberry Flowerhead Developing into Fruit, 1:1

Fly on Minthead
Ambient Sunlight Exposure, GIMP adjusted for Fly

Bachelor Button, white

Bachelor Button, lavender

Bee on Bachelor Button

Insect on Mint Flower Head

Mint Flowerhead, 1:1

Grass head

Unknown Flower, 1:2

Flowerhead, 10mm, 1:1

Nikkor AF 28-85mm -'M' setting
GIMP adjusted, sepia-toned

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