End of a Season...

Sorry about the long absence y'all-
-Side-Note- please excuse some bad color /levels /saturations (ie 'brightness-contrast' laymen terms) due to a double adjustment workover because the  laptop monitor, which is normally my primary workstation, apparently is of quite a different correlation than that of my more 'tweaked-to-correctness' PC workstation monitor... so some things are annoyingly different, at least to me anyway..
PS- if anyone has any clue as to the names of the flowers, I'd appreciate you sending me a note so they can be correctly named on the blog. Thx.
(click on any pic to enlarge)
*Nikon D80 + Nikkor AF 28-85mm-M +/- Vivitar MFTC, ISO 400
Cadillac Insignia Hood Ornament

Cadillac Interior, single Strobist lighting

Pasque flower, Closeup ~1:2

Unknown Weed Flowerheads, Closeup 1:1

Butterfly on PorchWall, Closeup ~1:1.5

'Number 112-G', GIMP

'Autumn Tree Leaves, Silver Gelatin Type', GIMP