It's been slow lately, so I've decided to post some shots from my beginning and middle film days.
Although my n8008 will never leave me, it's a heartfelt shame that 135 (35mm) film is dying in the consumer market, or when it is found, pricing is ridiculously jacked high, and 'one hour processing' labs are rapidly dropping it.  Obviously the marketing directors have never even looked at the pricing online at sites like ebay for film cameras? -it would certainly change their minds I think about dropping film, not to mention how many elderly fear and are highly confused by digital cameras. Having been a one-hour photo center technician, I can personally speak on the latter; and speaking as photographer of nearly 3 years, can say there is quite a different feeling in a picture photo done from film vs digital; clarity,vibrance, tonality, white balance issues, etc,etc. -And only a fool in my opinion can try to equate a high-end Photoshop treatment to what film can accomplish, as each side has its specifics and place. And to be honest, from what I've seen as to the 'lack of feasiblilty' as reason for film labs closing, 90%+ stem from lack of proper lab management, proper maintenance, clean lab procedure, lack of training, and lack of lab hour availability. Just because 'Digital is in' doesn't mean everyone is a photographer, nor that film or the need for it, will ever die. I could say more, but I rest my case here..
(click on any pic to enlarge)
*Nikon n8008, Kodak Gold 200/400
Angled stairway

'Stop Target", spoof photo

'Old-School Drive-Thru', spoof photo
GIMP toned

'Lamp I'
Casio Exilim digital camera

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, McKelvey Rd, 63044

Easter-Tree display
fluorescent lighting at night
Orchid Dell Florist, St Charles Rock Rd, 63044

'High Tension, I -Pole 1'
part of photo-study on power-lines
GIMP toned

'High Tension, II -Transformer'
part of photo-study on power-lines
GIMP toned

Flower Cluster on unknown Tree
close-up crop (60%)


..back again -a closer shot to the little things in life..

Hello, I'm back at it again. There's a huge gap here due to 75hr work weeks the last 2 months, so I haven't gained much progress, except in grand ideas like any photographer does.
The batch I've included this time around is from my last run on close-up photography, mainly focused on the flower garden, using a Vivitar MFTC (macro-focusing-tele-converter) with the Nikkor portrait lens.
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*Nikon D80 + Nikkor AF 28-85mm + Vivitar MFTC,  ISO 400, 1:2 / 1:1 ratio
Morning Glory,  Nikkor AF 28-85mm -'M' setting

Wild Strawberry Flowerhead Developing into Fruit, 1:1

Fly on Minthead
Ambient Sunlight Exposure, GIMP adjusted for Fly

Bachelor Button, white

Bachelor Button, lavender

Bee on Bachelor Button

Insect on Mint Flower Head

Mint Flowerhead, 1:1

Grass head

Unknown Flower, 1:2

Flowerhead, 10mm, 1:1

Nikkor AF 28-85mm -'M' setting
GIMP adjusted, sepia-toned