Grace Church, Maryland Heights, MO

One of my little pet projects is photographing churches, starting with my neighborhood.  So far I have been partially successful on the outset. One of my favorite places is Grace Church in Maryland Heights,  Missouri, which is HUGE I might add, and joyously open during days when it isn't a Services day;  coming from a small town and my personal belief that God is always open as were the churches where I grew up, a closed church drives me crazy nuts to say the least.
I am always amazed at the enormity of Grace Church, which contains not only the congregational area, but a cafeteria, bookstore, student bible study area, auditorium, gymnasium, and family services area. I have yet to actually photograph services etc, but I always make a point to photograph the Grace Cross, trying to emphasize its largeness.
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*Nikon D80 + Nikkor AF 28-85mm, ISO 400-1000
Grace Church Cross, April 2011

Grace Church Cross, June 2011, 9pm
strong spot flood from bottom

Grace Church Fountain, under /part of Cross, June 2011
light from underneath in pool
GIMP- sepia BW, barrel distortion left on purpose (28mm)

Grace Church Main Stage, June 2011
available light ISO 1600 f/8
normally don't shoot above1000, but wanted
some DOF to try to get stand, curtain, band instruments (drumset)

"Rest In Safety" by LaMarche
Grace Church Painting Gallery based on Scripture
April 2011

Jesus Stained Glass in front steeple, 2009
Arlington United Methodist Church McKelvey Rd, 63044
Kodak GC400

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