It had to happen..

Untitled, 2010   Kodak GC400, underexposed
I knew it, whatd I say, eh?
Several days ago I was talking to the photo tech at the 1hr lab at a large retail chain, and got some odd news I believed I saw coming there. The store was apparently talking about scrapping their lab completely. Seems that after they dropped doing 35mm roll film, they arent doing enough business to keep it open. The tech agreed, it was ridiculous to drop film; sales dropped to nearly nonexistant almost immediately. I concluded with her that the store was crazy especially with spring and summer coming up in the next 2 months. Think about the weddings of 40 disposable cameras apiece, and the senior citizens who cant manuever around a digital camera no matter how 'simple' the controls. Sometimes the old way IS the best way. Not to mention who really wants to stand at a kiosk and go through all those snapshots when all you had to do the old school way was real customer satisfaction of 'just drop it off and give me prints of everything'? Now not only is it new cameras but also figuring out another computer when trying to figure out the family PC was an effort for these folks (even I cant remember everything and I started with programming on a Commodore!) And yes, digital might be the 'younger generation' thing, but how many parents are willing to lend the family camera to the minus 10 age? Retail store market directors think they have it in a purse, but its more a snag. Film dying? really? look online at a the junkiest film cameras and they aint cheap either. Like Ive said before, some top folks claim to serve the best interest of the consumer, but then again...
You cant be slim and fat all at the same time!

Coming soon-  the real 'Greening of Bridgeton, MO'

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