Blagg Summer Wedding, June 4, 2011

Recently I was invited by a co-worker bride-to-be to her wedding, and I asked if she had a photographer. Her reply was she did, but I asked if it was alright to be a 2nd photographer. While the 'main' photographer who was a relative mostly took pictures of the procession and some ceremony, and did all the formal shots, I don't believe much was taken of the 6 hour reception afterward, so I was glad I acted as a backup. It was an outdoor in-the-park wedding and one seriously hot day with an extremely bright overhead sun so there was a lot of contrast to contend with. While it was extremely hard to get ceremonial shots in because everyone milled everywhere with their point-n-shoots including in front of the main photographers, I did manage a few suitable shots.
For my first wedding it was quite a trial run, and a Godsend for being more of an informal ceremony (the couple had been together for 13 years and have 3 children so everyone already really knew each other).
Hectic -yes, somewhat crazy -yes, would I do a wedding again? absolutely!
I admit I am still kicking myself for certain things, but I loved the learning experience.
Below are the best contenders...
*Nikon D80 @400iso -A mode (f/8) +  Nikkor AF 75-300mm   -manually focused for faster focusing
*post-processing GIMP, shadows-highlights script for extreme contrasts, levels adjusted
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